Creative imagination, always accompanied by technical knowledge and experience, ensures the quality of our works, resulting in each line acquiring soul, entity and matter

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Plegma Design Office was founded in 1999 based in Larnaca, Cyprus to offer Architectural, Structural and Interior Design services. The main characteristic of our services is the consistency through which each project is uniquely developed.   The design and development of each of our projects aims at optimising the local environmental data and the needs of every client. The relationship of the building with the wider physical and human environment defines a crucial design component for Plegma. The connection between the building and the environment, the composition of all individual elements in a coherent set, the clear and hierarchical interconnection of these elements and the clarity of the detailed expression, ensure the quality,  durability and construction integrity of the architectural outcome.

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No one can whistle a Symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

Halford E. Luccock

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Our team consists of experienced staff that has the ability to turn the concept into an integrated project.


andreas zodiatis

Architect, Co-founder

savvas hadjichambi

Civil Engineer, Partner


Office Administrator


Assistant Architect